Short description SOSlite and SOSoptima

SOSlite SOSlite simple beginners version - automatically for all premium users
SOSoptima SOSoptima complete version - automatically for all users PremiumXXL

optimized for all of the devices,
regardless of whether Windows , Mac , Android,
whether phone , tablet , netbook , notebook or PC
zoomable maps OFFLINE via a prefilled and adaptive map database. Load whole map layers or just use maps online and have them automatically OFFLINE . For all zoom levels 3-16
more than 33,000 individually tested aires campingcar and campings,
of Europe's best and biggest camper portal, in Europe + Turkey + Morocco + Canaries
no rigid `annual´ updates needed.
updates are available IMMEDIATELY . The SOS can simply be updated by pressing a button every day or whenever you are online , only the changes are transferred!
easy to use
by an adapted surface, specifically for mobile devices
search for environment , location or cities nearby
possible at every point, or simply push through the map / zoom in , taking all the places to see and click to get the detail data of these places
most places will contain 2 small pictures
which can be seen large, when you click on the picture. In each location, display can show additional small maps of level 11 to 17 and can be stored offine

With the SOSlite or SOSoptima one ALWAYS find a place ; rather the less you can await of MEINWOMO, Europes biggest camperportal with more than 33,000 parkings and campings !
MEINWOMO combines quality AND quantity. In no other parking guide, you will find so many aires campingcar and campings, visited by campers colleagues with verified coordinates , pictures and comments. With SOSlite you have all aires directly on the mobile phone / tablet / PC. It can not happen that you do not like a place and do not have any alternative.
With MEINWOMO one find a place ALWAYS!
Both at home and, thanks to the OFFLINE function , as well as `on the road´ your journey can be planned wonderfully thanks to comprehensive data and images that are self-explanatory and complete handling has been reworked.
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